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KICK OFF MEETING – January, 18th and 19th 2018 in Aveiro, Portugal

The project “SENPOWER-Empowering young adult learners with Special Educational Needs” has a budget of 213,374 € and 24 months, will develop a series of work manuals for teachers and students to help entrepreneurs with SEN. In addition, a total of four weeks of training will be carried out throughout the project in the four countries of the participating partners (I-Box Create Spain, Inovacijų biuras Lithuania, Piattaforma Sud Italia y Shipcon Limassol Cyprus) with a duration of 5 days each training.

The meeting to start the project was held on Friday, January 19 at the facilities of the Portuguese coordinating partner AEVA-Associação para a Educação e Valorização da Região de Aveiro.

The meeting was opened by Ana Ribeiro, who introduced the hosting institute. All partners participated in a tour visiting the school facilities. Then, all partners introduced themselves and respective organizations and briefly outlined their goals, stressing the interest of each participant to take part in the project.

The partnership discussed dates for the next project partnership meetings and agreed about:

Second partnership meeting  and multiplier event:  25-30 September, in Cyprus, The dates for the following project meetings will be discussed next meeting.

Concerning the first meeting, the partnership has agreed that it was very well organized, everybody got the needed information very much in advance and all of us had a great time in Aveiro.


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